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Southwestern Hamilton County, Ohio Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 113



  • Ambush style killings of law enforcement officers are on the rise; officers in New York and across the country have been killed simply because of the color of their uniform – blue.
  • On average over 58,000 officers are assaulted each year, with over 15,000 being injured. On average 149 officers are killed in the line of duty each year.  (source:
  • The number of law enforcement officers killed by gunfire in the United States is up 57% over 2013 statistics. (source
  • On average, a law enforcement officer is killed every 58 hours in the United States.  (Source:


  • Ohio’s law enforcement officers feel frustrated and under attack due to recent incidents
  • Law enforcement officers pride themselves on building relationships with their communities

    • Those relationships are being threatened by outside forces
    • Officers know that the vast majority of the community supports them but often times, those in disagreement are much louder.      
  • We need to stand with cops to sustain the important link between community members and those who keep the community safe.
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May 10th through 17th

In 1962 President Kennedy issued a proclamation declaring May 15 as Peace Officers' Memorial Day.

In the Greater Cincinnati area, dignitaries address attendees at Fountain Square, and participants walk to the Police Memorial across from Cincinnati Police District One for more speeches, and a laying of wreathes.  The Fountain Square ceremony commences at 11 a.m. on Monday, May 11th.




News Item: Read the Justice Department Report  here
Officer Darren Wilson  03/04/2015

VI. Conclusion For the reasons set forth above, this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed


FOP Lodge 113

Original Home

FOP Lodge 113

The FOP Star

The emblem adopted by the National Fraternal Order of Police is designed to remind the membership of the duties that are expected of them as a citizen, a police officer and a member of the lodge. The five-cornered star tends to remind us of the allegiance we owe to our Flag and is a symbol of the authority with which we are entrusted. It is an honor the people we serve bestow upon us. They place their confidence and trust in us; serve them proudly.

FOP Ohio

fop_star.gifDecember 3, 1967

FOP Lodge 113 was chartered on December 3, 1967. Of the charter members, three continue to be lodge members, active in lodge events.


FOP113_Logo.jpgThe Fraternal Order of Police is the largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers in the world, with more than 325,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges. The FOP is dedicated to its members, committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers, and attentive to the safety of officers.

The FOP provides employee representation for many officers, along with legal representation.  For those who are not represented by the FOP through collective bargaining agreements, the FOP has made available a Legal Defense Plan, tailored to the needs of law enforcement officers.  The plan is available with coverage in several areas: Criminal, Civill and Administrative.   

Our lodge also officers a death benefit, FOP Services for those who have departed, and intangibles such as the fraternity that exists amongst our members.

President Jim Ruhl, FOP 113 and Chief Chuck Lindsey, Harrison Police Department

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #113
endorses the City of Harrison Levy.

President Jim Ruhl and Chief Chuck Lindsey
(Left to Righ)

Voters in Harrison will get to decide on a public safety funding levy in November.  The members of FOP Lodge 113 support the Levy. The proposed five-year levy will help keep the city’s police, fire, and EMS services at their current levels. 

Since 2008, Harrison’s fire and police expenses have increased 8.5, according to a presentation by Harrison Chief of Police Charles Lindsey, Chairman of the Levy Committee. The City's revenues have decreased from the elimination of estate taxes and less in property tax distributions.  The State of Ohio has drastically cut Local Government funding.

In 2013, the City had to lay off one full-time police officer and four part-time officers. A departing officer was not replaced as well.  One full time firefighter was also laid off. Police officers and firefighters have experienced a four-year pay freeze.

The levy, if approved, would allow the City to rehire employees laid off from 2013, plus add one additional firefighter. The police department could reassign an office to the Drug Task Force, and add a bike and foot patrol.


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